We are a Moroccan travel agency with a long experience in the organization of individualized tours in Morocco.

We providing several services and support from airport to airport.

Teamwork is our secret: our guides and drivers are carefully selected; they have a long experience of traveling through Morocco and a perfect knowledge of the country.

The staff of auberge l’Oasis grew up on the edge of the sands and will be happy to make you discover the mysteries of the Sahara, the precious silence of the desert, the freshness of the palm groves, the secrets of the stars and the tenderness of the dunes.

We will allow you to cross the ocean of sand (to discover the highest dunes in Morocco) on the back of a dromedary (the desert ship) to admire the thousand shades of sunrise over the waves of sand, feel the depth of the nights and sleep in a Berber tent or under the stars.

Auberge l’Oasis will also give you the opportunity to spend a moment with their nomadic friends, have tea or spend the night with them and thus discover their timeless life and who knows … Perhaps re-learn the beauty of the nomadic speech through this old Tuareg saying: « Don’t you know that the house is the tomb of the living? »


From 1 day to 8 days.
From Merzouga, Marrakesh or Fez


Rooms and suites in our auberge in Merzouga

Luxury camp in the desert

Discover the desert in the best conditions.