Morocco is set North of Africa. North side is the Mediterranean Sea, South is Mauritania and the Sahara desert, East side is Algeria and West, the Atlantic Ocean.


It is mainly a mediterranean climate with some variations according to the seasons: from November the 15th until February the 15th, night temperature can low down around 0°, between December the 15th and January the 15th, down to -10°. Ideal weather is from February the 15 th until May the 15 th. Hot weather from May the 15th until September the 15th. The best time is 15 September- 15 Novembre: 28° to 35°.

Spoken Language

Language for education, administration and medias, language for everyday life is arabic, as well as Tamazigt , spoken in different areas. Most people in Morocco speak french, a lot speak english and spanish.


Islam is the official religion in Morocco, but co existence with other religions is perfect. During the Ramadan month, maroccan people do not eat from sunrise until sunset and obviously their daily activities are modified. Most of administrations, public services; monuments and shops arrange their opening times. However, non muslins can eat in some restaurants, especially in hotels. Days last a long time but nights are so beautiful!


Respect local uses. Do not give money or clothes or anything to childen. This would encourage them to leave school. You may give to their parents at home. You’d like to take a photo of somebody? Do not forget to ask his or her agreement.

Planes, airports

Here are the main destinations to book your flights to: Tanger, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Marakech, Agadir; Nador. The nearest to our place is: Errachida, Ouarzazate Passport To enter Marocco, you need a valid passport(minimum 6 months validity).


Typical food is traditionnal and modern in some cities: dishes are tasty and spicy according to the choice of the customers. It is made of vegetables, fish and meat. Main Dishes: Tajine: it is a chicken fish and vegetable ragout cooked and simmered in a special terracotta dish with a conic cover. Brochettes: often with mutton meat, peppers and herbs. Couscous: traditionnal sunday food shared in a common large dish. Mechoui; traditionnal mutton meat dish for special meals or celebrations. Pastilla: local pizza with fish or meat and vegetable cooked on wood fire Pastry: a large choice according to the customers’ wish. Cakes are sugared and with honey. Green tea is proposed from the beginning to the end of meals.